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      2. kingswood printing ink Co.,Ltd.

        We are a large offset ink manufacturer in China with annual capacity more than 20000 metric tons, located in Panyang industrial park, Suzhou city, Jiangsu province.

        With strategy of being Word-Famous manufacturer of eco-friendly offset ink with excellent ability on innovation, we devote to R&D of high molecular materials and renewable resources since establishment.

        DONGWU inks made by Kingswood is Jiangsu Famous Branding Business issued by Jiangsu government, and products have been assessed as “Hi-tech products” by science and technology department of Jiangsu province. Kingswood printing ink co., ltd is Jiangsu High-tech enterprise issued by government.

        Our DONGWU ink series are certified by different organizations including China eco-friendly ink, REACH, American Soybean Association, SGS, UKAS for ISO and Pantone ltd.

        We export our products to many countries. Our DONGWU inks are well accepted by well known global corporations in industries like food, electronic, cosmetic, and chemical and merchandise packaging, and public and commercial printings. 

        Dongwu inks is committed to developing along with printing industry and helping customers excel in the long term.

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